This is my "Style #2" suit.  It features a higher waist and optional ties
that can be tied in front or back.  The seam is hard to see but is just
under the bust, above the tie.  The skirt is not as narrow as it looks and
is more full like other suits.


Style #1
The most comfortable, beautiful
swimsuit you'll ever wear!
Meant to be Modest
...Vessels for Honor...2 Timothy 2:20
Modest Swimwear for Ladies and Girls


Swimsuit Features:

High-quality lycra
does not cling when
wet; dries quickly.

Bodice is double-layered for
optimum modesty.

Leggings slip on
separately ~ so practical and
easy, especially for
little girls.

No snaps, buttons or zippers
to fuss with!  The top and
bottom simply
pull on.

Why Buy from Me?
Because your satisfaction is guaranteed!

If you are not happy with your suits for any reason
you may contact me for adjustments or a full refund.
(if suit has not been washed or used for swimming )
One of my favorite resources on Biblical modesty has been
Jeff Pollard's booklet
"Christian Modesty and the Public
Undressing of America."
 He has done an in-depth study
into God's standards of dress in Scripture ~ absolutely
I'm very excited at having found this treasure online for all
to read for free; here is the link:
Christian Modesty
Please take time to read this very important booklet! If
you've ever struggled with knowing what the Bible reallys
says about modesty, this will bring clarity.

There are four
different styles to
choose from:

Style #1:  seam at waist with
cute V-shape dip in center.

Style #2: empire waist (seam
under bust).
Optional ties.

Style #3: no seam at waist.
Suit is one piece from
shoulder to hem.
Optional ties.

Style #4:  separate top, skirt
and leggings
…synonymous with chastity, or purity of manners.  In this
sense, modesty results from purity of mind, or from the fear of
disgrace…unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of
female excellence, the richest gem in the diadem of their honor.

Noah Webster, 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language
Announcing a new
Although this isn't a great picture, we
just wanted to get it on the website so
you can see what we've
been working on!

This newest Style #4 is
all about separates:
Separate top
Separate skirt
Separate leggings

You can buy pieces
separately, too.  Just need
a skirt to make your
swimsuit modest?  Perfect!

Mix and match prints and
solids however you like!
We will soon be launching a new
website with an all-new look.
Be watching within the next week
or so and you'll see what we've
been up to!